Sarah Dixon ArtistBiography

Sarah Dixon, born in London and raised in Cyprus and the Middle East, is a socially-engaged conceptual artist using a wide range of platforms and media. Her work explores participatory art making and ideas around how the ‘human social organism’ works and can be altered through communication and collaboration, both online and IRL. She draws on a very wide range of experience: she has a degree in Biology from UCL, worked as a ethnobotanist in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Hindu Kush, and has studied art forms from Orthodox icon painting to bronze casting and corporate design.

Her work has been shown at the ICA, Oblong Gallery, QUAD Derby, SkyTV, and on a cyberbus in Moscow, amongst other places. She was shortlisted for the Jerwood Bursary Award in 2017. She is currently Artist in Residence at Gloucester Library and is an active member of three women’s artist collectives. She works from her studio in Stroud, Gloucestershire where she lives with her husband and young daughter.

Artist Statement

My practice explores a wide range of contemporary and traditional materials and methods, from letterpress printing to icon painting. Through these diverse media I seek to appropriate, investigate, and unpack accepted norms, rituals and symbols from cultural locations including business, bureaucracy, shamanism, religion, social media, and crafts.

Referencing evolution, in which accumulations of small amounts of work add up to a greater whole, these are often collaborative and participatory works. Feminism, motherhood, humanity’s relationship with nature, and how power is enforced through symbolism and ritual, are key areas of interest. Words-as-art and wordplay are also an ongoing aspect of the practice and performance is beginning to feature.