Support AIIHTFAAPFAMAMCWWWII and other projects on Patreon
Support AIIHTFAAPFAMAMCWWWII and other projects on Patreon

As part of the Investigation into How To Fund an Art Practice I have created a profile on Patreon.

It has taken me months to actually announce this because I am very nervous about it, despite having had a great experience with crowdfunding earlier in the year. Despite my persistent feeling of being foreign/ in exile, in many ways I am very very British.

Patreon is like crowdfunding, but supporters pay a monthly subscription instead of a one off payment. From as little as $1 they then get rewards in return, including access to an exclusive blog channel that the public won’t get to see until later (or never). It began with the idea of artists needing Patrons as in the old days, but recently relaunched and seems to be working best for entertainment-type creators who post funny blogs or make videos or music for fans. So I started on there before learning that maybe its not really suited to my practice – nevertheless it might work in a modest way so it’s worth Investigating.

I am going to start announcing it now, at last, and see where it leads. Like everything you can do to generate income, it will probably require a lot of investment of time in promoting to make it worth doing, and I am drawn between many channels. The Patreon test will be reviewed along with the rest of the AIIHTFAAPFAMAMCWWWII at the end of the year.

So far I have one Patron which is very encouraging.  If you sign up yourself you will officially be credited as a participant in the AIIHTFAAPFAMAMCWWWII when the Final Report is issued for 2017. There is a secret blog post waiting for you in there now.

What do you think?

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