A Moving Portrait of Anna

On Saturday evening I worked with Anna to begin her portrait. She got out lots of objects that represent things that are important to her, like freedom, creativity, writing, and monkeys. I took a lot of photos and made a couple of drawings. I have made the photos into a short film which you can watch on Shooting People:


One thought on “A Moving Portrait of Anna

  1. What I have learnt through doing photography is that everyone has many faces, and (commercial) photography is the art of choosing the one that shows the subject in the “best” light.

    We have all dark and light faces, gentle and menacing ones, proud and miserable ones. In a set of lots of photos there will be a mix, a more true puicture of a person, a more complex set of different faces, will reveal itself.

    In art, one might wish to present a more full and human set of images but we are so used to seeing only the most airbrushed, edited and “perfected” ones that we are worn into thinking that to be human is to be a kind of angel. And we are shocked at ourselves for revealing something else, and frightened if someone else sees this imperfection. Against all that cheerful plastic loveliness, an ordinary person can appear a monster.

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