Baby Sun

Winter solstice 2012Winter solstice is an important time for me as I have been going to solstice celebrations in Sussex with some friends since I was at college – that’s nearly 20 years…

I looked it up on Wikipedia and there was this amazing list of all the winter solstice festivals around the world and in different times and cultures.

I like the simplicity of the idea that the sun is least visible and then it swings back to life, and that this is important. There is no particular moral or complex idea behind it, its just a moment in a rhythmic time. Its a very universal experience and its a simple fact of life.

Most of these festivals contain themes of rebirth and reversal. I think of it as Baby Sun with blue hair.

I wrote the names of all the festivals around the circle but mostly they are unreadable so I will make this later into a proper icon painting with egg.

This is my religion.