Cyberbrothers Selection

Still from Super8 film Goblin Market
Goblin Market is a short poem film based on Christina Rossetti's work of 1842

Goblin Market has been selected from HypTV (who screened the film at the ICA a few years ago) for a new Russian website featuring art in various digital forms.

Launching on 18.02.10, Cyberbrothers will curate a diverse range of visual arts, to play out in Russia and beyond – along with the likes of One Dot Zero and Addictive TV. From their press release:

On the surface, the channel has been designed as an attractive interactive viewing experience, with an intuitive interface. Closer up Cyberbrothers quickly opens a doorway to a radiant stream cutting edge contemporary visual contents. Carefully handpicked short films from successful collectives such as “You Work For Them” “One Dot Zero” and “Lightrhythm Visuals”, have been programmed alongside top Russian and International directors. Episodes from Addictive TVs mixmasters series are complimented by documentries covering leading artists in the digital arts community. The user experience opens up inspirational new categories in motion graphics, short films and vj content to an ever growing online audience. Cyberbrothers is loaded and set to be most comprehensive, creatively focused gateway into modern visual arts to date.

Cyberbrothers have already run some inventive promotions for getting the content out into the world beyond the internet. The Cyberbus fitted with screens in every window has been touring to raise awareness of the project and had a great response in the streets. The channel will also be launched with an opening event in Moscow, where media and sponsors are invited to a exclusive screening of the channels contents for the first time. The showcase event has confirmed top acts from around Europe to guarantee a memorable event.

This film seems to have a life of its own, it just keeps being picked up. I wish I could make more. Will have to seek inspiration. Or funds. Or both.