A small self portrait
A small self portrait

I made this small self portrait today. Watch it at

Commentary: a friend asked,”what does it mean” and i answered:

This film is I suppose a comment on the fragility of life, its strange ethereal emanence, it is an image of the border between physical and spiritual reality.

I found a way of moving the camera so the face looks ghostly or unreal, movingin an unnatural way and floating off into the sky, and the quality is so poor that the image dissolves in places but at the same time you know there is someone there at least until the end. whether any of that actually works for anyone else is another matter. I do like using poor quality film and making things in a very light and totally unpolished way. i think it retains energy, makes it possible, and also has a kind of reality to it that is more real than when things are all slick and polished and smooth and sexy, which is how almost all imagery and film we see is done. i am interested in the fragile and delicate reality behind the hard, shiny appearances.