The Same Coin (Artists Talk About Money)

The first step into An Investigation Into How To Fund An Art Practice For A Middle-Aged Middle-Class White Woman Without Independent Income was a crowdfunding campaign. I was invited to be part of a group show in London with short notice, and at the time Christmas had just passed and let’s say my cash flow was not good. I actually had £7.86 in my account, which was not enough to buy a train ticket in order to attend the show.

And because I was conducting this project, I knew that crowdfunding had to be an option to explore, so I launched a campaign.

I chose Generosity as a platform (slogan: “generosity is a platform for human goodness.”) because it doesn’t charge a fee and this was simply asking for donations – there wasn’t time to set up a complex crowdfunding campaign with rewards, and I only needed about £50. You can view the archived campaign here

The result was a rollercoaster of emotion (an E-Motion featuring a roller coaster inside a snow globe is in progress, awaiting further funding for development). I raised most of the money I needed, and more importantly, got to London, met some fantastic people, and learnt a lot about being brave. It was a good lesson to begin the year with.

The show was a Desperate Artwives exhibition, and the work was the Mother Bunting project that is still in progress.


  • I would recommend using crowdfunding as part of the ecosystem of support for an artist
  • I would not recommend Generosity if  you are in the UK as there are various negatives in using a USD based system.
  • This was a Success for the IIHTFAAPFAMAMCWWWII


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