Langenscheidt and Aoide

Langenscheidt and Aoide in the Postal Book Project 2012
Langenscheidt and Aoide in the Postal Book Project 2012

The Postal Book Project started earlier this year and I got signed up to take part. I eventually received a small German-English dictionary from 1902 with another artist’s work on the first pages. I lived with it for a while until I finally had the idea of finding out about the author, Langenscheidt.

It turns out that while travelling around Europe as a young man he became very frustrated that he couldn’t communicate in other languages, so he invented a system for phonetic transliteration of foreign words and he set up a publishing company so he could print his dictionaries.

Langenschiedt the company still exists, publishing dictionaries and lots of educational and travel books.

After learning about this man I thought I would make a tribute to him in the pages of his book and that he ought to have a companion in the form of Aoide, the ancient muse of song and sound.

I’ve sent the book on to the next artist but as I was ill in bed for a couple of weeks I also had time to make my own versions to keep in my little notebook.

While researching online (iPad is great when you are ill!) I came across a Henri Rousseau portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire and his wife, ‘The Muse Inspiring the Poet’ and I felt there was an interesting connection so I emphasised this link in the notebook version.
Aoide, the muse of sound and soung