Painting By Numbers: A Work in Progress

Painting By Numbers in action at the Site Festival
Painting By Numbers in action

Painting By Numbers is underway at Unit 56 on the Stroud High Street, as part of the Site Festival.

Some stats:

  • about 100 people have taken part so far
  • there are 100 numbers
  • there are probably about 400 spaces with numbers in on the pattern
  • its about half painted
  • estimated age range of participants is 18 months – 80 yrs old
  • I’m using 20 La Tienda pigments donated by The Greenshop in mediums of Auro emulsion or Earthborn Wall glaze, to create more colours.

As well as the painting itself being open for action on Wednesdays and Saturdays, I am running a free workshop with Rebecca Ashdown – sponsored by the Stroud Arts Festival, on 20th May. There will also be a closing party, when we see how the painting looks when it is finished.

Most people are responding very positively and even the woman who said I had been ‘unfriendly…didn’t smile’ had seemed to enjoy the actual painting process. Lots of people have enjoyed it and said ‘I haven’t done this for years’ – ‘Great idea’ – ‘Can my two year old do it?’ (the answer is Yes, by the way) – and a few have stayed to discuss the deeper layers of this project. One man gave me a delicious punnet of strawberries which came in very nicely as it is thirsty work sitting in the gallery all day. Quite a few wonder ‘what it is of’ and most guess ‘some kind of map’.

I was also interviewed by Mould TV and photographed for the Citizen newspapers. The interview is online: