Painting By Numbers

Painting By Numbers coming soon to a town near you.
Painting By Numbers – coming soon to a town near you.

The SVA (Stroud Valleys Artspace) run an art festival in Stroud every year, in May, called ‘Site Festival‘.

It is a magical time for an artist when the whole town seems to transform itself on the opening night (this year, on 4th May) into an art Paradise: people dressed up trotting from one art preview in an empty shop to another, enjoying performance pieces and peculiar displays of all kinds in the normally rather depressing little unused high street vacant lots. It’s like the artists took over town and its Good. That is the world I’d like to live in, and not the one we’ve got. But at least we get a chance to taste it for a night.

Anyway this year I was very excited that SVA responded to my Painting By Numbers proposal which had been sitting in a notebook sulking for three years, so I will be in the ex-Curry’s shop hosting this project in May. Here is the Official Blurb for the project:

Love it or hate it, Painting by Numbers – those little Art kits that allow you to safely create your own masterpiece are universally recognised if not always celebrated.

In the prosperous postwar America of the 1950s, painting by numbers was promoted as an educative use of the “new leisure”. It also claimed to represent the American democratic ideal that anyone should be able to do anything, including paint. Hence the slogan ‘Every Man a Rembrandt’.
– Alexander Chancellor, Guardian 2003

Come and see what happens when Stroud is presented with Painting By Numbers. With grateful thanks to the lovely people at The Greenshop and on Freecycle for natural paint supplies.

While I have been donated the paint supplies the project still requires lots more materials including paint pots, brushes, cleaning materials and some large boards so if you are feeling generous or have some stuff you can offer do get in touch!