The Ritual Burning of Unwanted Art

The Ritual Burning of Unwanted Art

This is a process for ridding oneself in a wholesome way of old artwork.

Artists must produce a great quantity of sketches, from about the age of one or two, and often we don’t wish to keep all of it, or simply don’t have space and capacity. In the RBOUA participants share the experience, the artworks are witnessed, and then consigned to the fire.

When burning art of course must be mindful of two key things:

  • The item must not be excessively dangerous to burn – ie toxic
  • The item must belong to the person consigning it to the fire, they don’t need to have made it but they do need rights to burn it.

The burning and other forms of destruction of art has a long and complex history. Which I may have time to go into one day. Sponsor this post.

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