Treat Yourself


Treat me

Treat: More meat
Treat: More meat

Once upon a time, there was an idea for a magazine and Lo! its name was given unto it and the Name was TREAT.

And the idea became a small Flash File, and was placed upon the Internet for All to see and Marvel At.

But time passed, and the people forgot about the Flash File, and it languished unremarked and the website hosting package expired and the File was removed.

And yay, it did come to pass that the Internet got faster and easier, and freer, and thus it was that the Flash File could be Reposted.

And it was done through the medium of WordPress, which is a miracle to behold. And the Internet also begat, and Sitemaker, and the people flocked to see them.

And thus may all the people Marvel for ever more at the Flash File, by whatever means their browser may allow them, and it was decreed that they may express their thoughts by leaving Comments upon the interface, and this Idea need not be extinguished until such time as the Internet were to be reabsorbed into the Ether.

 Thanks be to the Hordes.

Treat Yourself: tastytreat.swf

Treat Yourself: Flash Website