Am I An Idiot?

Am I An Idiot? A spinning artwork by Sarah Dixon

In this game you are invited to find out the answer to the question ‘Am I An Idiot?’. This is something I ask myself often, and this tool gives reassurance on the question so I can cease asking myself and get on with my day. I hope you also find it useful in settling the question and freeing up mind-space.

The animation was produced by Andrew Gillett, bringing the original concept to life under direction from the artist.

To play, click the image and the game will open. Click to spin. Enjoy!

The game requires Flash to work and some browsers might not let you open Flash – if so the question will remain open for you to ponder, until such time as you can find a piece of technology that permits you to play.

Part of the E-motions series.

What do you think?

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