is this what it feels like

is this what it feels like?

Is this what it feels like, before War?

This furtive restlessness
Of hooves clattering suddenly in the nights
Of small cold towns
And bridges gathering up sticks
And cloth
In the dark;
This Parliamentarian rumbling
This splitting and side-taking
Trumpeting and Crowing
this surging of rage and fear and Wow!s and hearts!
These swirling murmurations
Something is abroad
The animals are restless
So are the birds
Some want blood
Some want silence
Some want to run
Some hide
A shoal of fish urgently switches and shimmers away from its predator
Almost detecting single electrons
The water is safer than the land
The towers are taller than the guns
Liberty faces outwards
The crossing may be difficult.
I am intending to make this into an animated poem, involving a horse or a fish. If you would like to support my work you can become a Patron. Then this may become a real thing.

What do you think?

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