Mother Bunting: An Invitation


Do you see the connection?

They are pretty and jolly, and make a nice atmosphere, just by hanging in the background with their cute little colourful trails batting in the breeze.

Ok …maybe not so much the mother part. But I have been feeling that there is something about bunting that says ‘oh isn’t everything LOVELY’ and ‘isn’t everything NICE’ and ‘don’t mind me I’m just a lovely bit of bunting! A ha ha ha !!!’ Blink blink smiley face. And everyone just sort of goes oh – yeah – bunting – that’s NICE. and they carry on with their conversation. And it feels like being a mother, where everyone goes ‘oh BABIES, how LOVELY’ and then they just kind of turn their backs and carry on with the relevant stuff while you form part of the decorative background to the party with your cute babies and cosy feelings of motherliness emanating from your (background) presence. And I always kind of felt uneasy about bunting, and I always kind of felt like women with children were in the background generally being loved up and creating a nice atmosphere (if occasionally seeming a bit yucky).

Make Your Own Mother Bunting
Click the pic to open the PDF bunting template

So here’s the proposal:

For all our Mothers: Mother Bunting is for you. This bunting looks like bunting, but in the bunting is the stuff that’s only there if you look at it properly. The blood, the guts, the tears, the sweat, the sore backs, the aching hearts. The confusion, the pain, the joy, the mystery and the goddamn true facts of this crazy shit we call ‘Mama’.

If you are NOT a Mother then call on the Mother within to see if you need to add your story to the bunting. All women embody mothering in many ways and I do not want to divide womanhood into the Mother kind and the non-Mother kind. And you may want to make work about your own mother, or your feelings about mothers in general. The bunting is there for you to put your Mother things onto it.

Please feel free to make your own mother bunting, share it with me, with the world, #motherbunting  – share your words and images for me to make bunting with, make mother bunting with other mothers, send your secrets, never to be told, put into words your strange experiences, print them on bunting, sew them on bunting, draw them on bunting, make bunting from your vomit-stained muslins, make bunting better, make better bunting.

Use this bunting template if it helps, or just cut it out your own way. It’s all good, it’s all bunting. It will still look pretty in the background. Just like Mothers.

i am looking for ways to create a show with a collection of mother bunting but in the meantime feel free to send me your images or use #motherbunting on the social media of your choice or just go and run with it. It’s your bunting.

Download the free motherbunting template

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