The Phone Box

In the spring lockdown 2020 I created a community art project, turning the phone box into a temporary art gallery showing local’s work on the theme ‘What Do You Dream Of?’ 

The Red Phone Box

The decommissioned red phone box on Summer Street in Stroud became a temporary art gallery, viewable from the outside. 

I asked Summer Street residents ‘What Do You Dream Of?’ and invited my neighbours to create work for display in the small glass panels of the phone box. 

An opening ‘Public View’ event took place on 31 May 2020. Visitors took turns walking around the box and enjoying the art. 

The project was supported by Create Gloucestershire and Strike A Light with Cheltenham Festivals.  

Phone Box Art Show
Image © Kazz Hollick


Following this I joined UNIDEE 2020 ‘Embedded Arts in a Post-Pandemic Future’, seeking to explore further how we can leverage a small public space to generate creative connections. This was an exploration of the relationship between art and society and continues to be fruitful and rich. 

The basis of my investigation for the UNIDEE residency was to further explore what local and global connections can unfold, in a time of Zoom and lockdowns, using the phone box as a touchpoint. In the residency I discovered the power of connecting with an international cohort, and using letter writing and drawing, alongside technology to be creative and social. We collaborated and cross-fertilised each other’s practices in our intensive week. Dreaming and witchcraft were discussed, among other things, and I had the feeling we were like the Oracles of UNIDEE. 



I also subsequently was selected as a SOAL Ambassador, and am making  submissions for both the Phone Box Dream and the UNIDEE Residency.