The Life Spiral: Making the Art of Your Life

Join me on a year-long process – as we track our lives and their links to the seasons, making art for key stages along the way.

There are live workshops in Stroud, an online course, AND you can follow the prompts for free by following me on Facebook.

There is also a free introduction to the Life Spiral on my courses website.

Every six weeks or so there will be a new class, and a new life stage to explore.

This is for you if:

  • You want to have a focus for making some art on a regular basis
  • You want to explore a range of techniques and art history (a bit like a mini-foundation)
  • You want to reflect on your life and where you are on your path, revisiting troubled and joyful moments, and preparing for future stages
  • You want to connect creatively to nature and feel the rhythms as they relate to you personally and to the cycle of the sun around the earth
Life Spiral Drawing

I learnt the idea of The Life Spiral from the shamanic practitioner Kate Dineen, who had received it from Hannah Gwawr in turn inspired by the writings of Carolyn Hillier and Gail Burkett.

Its a little like Shakespeare’s seven ages of man, except:

  • The Life Spiral is specifically for women
  • There are nine stages instead of seven, and these overlap beautifully with the seasonal changes
  • Death lands on the same date as Birth, showing the spiralling, cycling nature of life. (We can repeat the process indefinitely)

I’m so excited to be able to offer this process to you.

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You can sign up to the live workshops Stroud via Eventbrite here.

The online course is here.

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